Portfolio Analysis

CUBE Team’s portfolio analysis of business partners and buyers teaches ownership structure and gives insight into other essential data. Our clients can decide on the information included in the report. Choose the most valuable data to help you expand your business opportunities.

CUBE Team Portfolio Analysis makes it easier to plan for investments and sales

This product is a valuable business guide that allows locating high-risk clients and applying adequate credit control measures. Based on your business needs, select from a large number of parameters and craft your perfect analysis. Expand collaboration with desired clients and wisely choose new ones.

Make better decisions faster

Our clients are primarily individuals in the role of Sales, Finance or General Managers. Using this tool they can make better decision on cooperation and investments.

Basic business parameters

There are four areas that point to relevant parameters in the operations of your partners and clients:


Avoid risky situations and discover the potential of low-risk customers.

If you have further questions, our sales consultants are happy to meet you and discuss your unique business needs.

*Available only in Serbia

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