CUBE Team will check business and financial data of your potential buyers and suppliers from abroad. Make fast and educated business decision based the information provided by Solvency Report one of our most valuable tools.

CUBE Team reports on customers and suppliers from abroad

Solvency report consists of data that creates a clear picture about the company profile and the market segment they occupy. Analyze your partners and clients and build confidence on facts.

Precise analysis of your foreign clients

If you plan to import from China and Turkey or to export from Serbia, we advise checking solvency of the companies you are negotiating with. CUBE Team Solvency Report delivers a detailed and true picture of potential business partners and checks their credit report.

Your partners will want to learn more about your business, stay one step ahead with our services. Credit rating can reveal company's true state and you can include it in your report example.

Company's solvency report is a great way to analyze new partners

General Managers, Financial Directors, Purchasing and Production Directors, as well as anyone who can bring in new business partners, can check their solvency and credit rating. When you have all the information in front of you, choose a client that will meet your expectations.

Regional Business

If you are interested in companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia or Montenegro, we can include them in your credit rating report. You will get an estimate of the financial position of the selected company based on the assessment of the economic indicators and the financial result.

*Available only in Serbia

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