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Competition Analysis

Position yourself by getting to know your competition's market share and product assortment. Always be one step ahead with CUBE Team Competition Analysis.

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Be the first to know when your buyer’s accounts are frozen, react on time and adapt to negative financial situation of your associates.

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Sector Analysis

CUBE Team’s detailed and broad sector analysis helps to examine your immediate work environment. Strategic planning requires a precise examination of your surroundings while taking in consideration current state of your business.

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Solvency Report

CUBE Team will check business and financial data of your potential buyers and suppliers from abroad. Make fast and educated business decision based the information provided by Solvency Report one of our most valuable tools.

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Portfolio Analysis

CUBE Team’s portfolio analysis into business partners and buyers teaches ownership structure and insight into other essential data. Our clients can decide on the information included in the report. Choose the most valuable data to help you expand your business opportunities.

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Business Database

Make acquisition easy with CUBE Team business database. Save time and resources by focusing on those that align with your business needs.

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B2B Online

Choose the perfect partner for your business. Full database of all companies in Serbia, their connections, and search based on more than 50 parameters. We always provide the latest information about businesses of any size within the country.

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Automotive Industry Reports

First time registered vehicles and market trends data. Depending on your requirements, we will develop thorough report providing a solution for your business challenges.

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Financial Sector Solutions

Solutions created for financial sector’s and insurance industries particular needs. Define your business goals and we will help make them real.

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Company Guru

Приложението Company Guru Ви предоставя пълна бизнес база данни на фирмите в България. Благодарение на нашата обширна база данни имате цялостен поглед върху пазара и спестявате ресурси.

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